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Tablet Screen Protector Solution

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Rock space provides various cutting-edge screen protector films and attractive back screen protector films for tablets. The screen protectors come with different features, such as high definition and anti-blue light capabilities. On the other hand, the back film protector is available in a wide range of stunning designs for customers to choose from. We regularly update our designs, so there is always something new and fresh to pick from. With our diverse selection, customers are sure to find something they like.

There are many benefits to use screen protector films and back screen protector films on your tablet. First and foremost, a screen protector can provide effective protection against scratches, smudges, fingerprints, and other forms of damage. This can help extend the lifespan of your tablet, reducing repair and replacement costs.

On the other hand, a back screen protector can help protect and decorate the appearance of your tablet, making it more attractive and stylish. Choosing a suitable back back fim design can express your personality and taste.

I. Screen Protector Films:

1. Flexible HD Front Film

  • High definition, smooth operation

  • Presents the original beauty of your screen

  • Effectively prevents shocks and drops

  • Scratches auto-repairing

2. Flexible Anti-blue Light Eye Care Film

  • Anti-blue light, anti-glare & anti-reflection

  • Effectively prevents shocks and drops

  • Auto-repair

  • Delicate matte texture

3. Flexible Matte Film

  • No fingerprint leaves on the screen even after long-use

  • Self healing of tiny scratches with nano rebound technology

  • Filter harmful light and protect your eyes from strain

II. Back Protector Films:

1. Vivid Back Film

This 3D texture back film is known for its vibrant and eye-catching features. It is characterized by its embossed or raised effect, which gives images a three-dimensional quality. The colors on this film are also very bright and vivid, making the images come to life with stunning clarity.

2. Translucent Embossing Back Film

Translucent embossing back film is a unique type of back film that features a partially transparent background. The design on this film only covers a small portion of the surface, leaving the rest of the film see-through. This makes it ideal for showcasing a flat logo while still adding an embossed effect to the design. The patterns on this film are relatively simple yet attractive and not overly flashy.

3. Luxury Foil Back Film

The Luxury Foil Back Film pattern from rock space is incredibly upscale and stylish, making it an absolute must-have for fashion-forward individuals. The Foil stamping back sticker is so impressive and attention-grabbing.

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