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mobile phone skin printer
mobile skin printer
mobile phone skin printer
mobile skin printer
phone skin printer
dhp511 phone skin printer

DHP511 Phone Skin Printer

Turn what people like into what they grab.  It's easy to customize an exclusive phone skin sticker. Print whatever image with life-like quality, cut the film with rock space plotter, and then stick it on the back of mobile phone.  It helps stores to reduce back film inventory, save delivery time of traditional order, and attract more new customers.

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DHP511 Mobile Phone Skin Printer Specification

Product namePhone Skin Printer
Ribbon36 sheets/roll
Printer head1280 pcs
Printing speed79 seconds
Printer materialABS shell
Paper size195*100mm
Package includesPhone skin printer,power adapter, user manual

Details Of rock space Mobile Phone Skin Printer

  • DIY Phone Skin: By using the mobile back sticker machine, user can choose whatever pattern they like from default gallery or personal photo album, thus saving back film inventory and attracting more customers for retail stores.

  • HD Printing with 300*300 dpi Resolution: Thanks to dye sublimation printing technology, the mobile phone skin printer enables to precisely control the temperature to produce accurate colors.

  • Small & Magnetic Design: As small as 20.5*19.5*8.5cm, the mobile skin printer occupies less space.

  • Anti-fingerprint & Anti-scratch: With delicate matte finish, the phone skin can resist scratches and preserve long-lasting colors.

  • Click to Print Directly on Smart Plotter: Except self-developed APP, operator can directly control the Mobile Phone Skin Printer through the  [Print At Will] menu inserted in rock space plotter.

  • Easy Management of Exclusive Photo Gallery: Rockspace mobile phone skin printer comes with an exclusive photo gallery that is easy to manage. Distributors can upload their exclusive photo gallery to the backstage management system for separate maintenance and management, so as to easily realize differentiated DIY.

  • Fast Printing: With a printing time of only 79 seconds, the rock space Mobile Phone Skin Printer offers a fast solution for creating phone skins.

DHP511 Phone Skin Printer

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