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Screen Protector Cutting Machine

Screen Protector Cutting Machine

rock space screen protector cutting machine enables to cut flexible films into any size on-demand to fit for different digital devices, which solved tranditional headaches like large inventory, difficult management and large capital occupation of the film in mobile phone retail stores.

rock space Screen Protector Cutting Machine Types

Advantages of Screen Protector Cutting Machine

1. Co-work with Phone Skin Printer: The built-in [Pint at Will] menu in the cell phone screen protector cutting machine connects stably with the Phone Skin Printer, which can print any back film pattern on-demand for cutting.

2. Precise cutting: Screen protector cutter machine uses advanced technology to cut mobile phone screen guards with extreme precision. This ensures that the screen guard fits perfectly onto the phone screen and covers the entire surface.

3. Time-saving: With a screen protector making machine, the process of cutting and shaping the screen guard is finished within 30 seconds, saving significant time and resources.

4. Cost-effective: Mobile phone screen guard making machine is a cost-effective solution for mobile phone screen guard production. These machines can cut any type of screen guard on demand  instead of stocking up products for various models, reducing the costs substantially.

5. Versatile: Screen guard cutting machine can cut and shape screen guards for different models and brands of mobile phones, watches, tablets, laptops, etc., making them a highly versatile solution for the screen guard manufacturing industry.

6. Easy to operate: These mobile screen cutting machines are designed to be user-friendly, making them easy to operate by anyone with basic training. Besides, the mobile screen guard cutting machine requires minimal maintenance and can be easily calibrated for different cutting and shaping requirements.

Why Choose rock space Screen Protector Cutting Machine?

Why Choose rock space Screen Protector Cutting Machine?

The rock space powerful customer management system helps customers achieve better business performance through digital management. This system provides an efficient and user-friendly way of managing all film cutting data at once, ensuring streamlined and effective operations.

Mobile film cutting machine offered by rock space present all data in a precise and comprehensive manner, giving businesses valuable insights into their operations.

Distributors can access the status of each screen protector film cutting machine in real-time, facilitating prompt maintenance and troubleshooting.

Our protective film cutting machine provides accurate cutting templates to perfectly fit for the original devices, and the new-released flagship models will be updated in the database within 24 hours, ensuring that businesses stay ahead in the competitive market.

It is easy to check the status of mobile phone screen protector cutting machine in different stores, allowing businesses to closely monitor their operations.

We can keep track of the screen protector film cutting machine and its sales status, providing real-time data on the product's performance in the market.

One-click data export functionality allows businesses to extract and analyze data to fine-tune their operations quickly.

Screen Protector Making Machine Solution

rock space Offers Professional and Reliable Mobile Screen Protector Cutting Machine Solutions

  • Ultra-high Precision & Wide Application

Films can be cut into accurate size to perfectly fit for any device from small e-cigarettes, mobile phone to large tablets and laptops.

  • 25,000+ models, 24-hour Update

It covers more than 25,000 templates with real-time updates for new models within 24 hours.

  • Film Identification Code, Prevent Fleeing Goods

The screen protector plotter has to enter right consumables identification code (Printed on packaging box)  for normal use.

  • Accessible Sales Record

Daily / monthly cutting quantity and models will be counted automatically, which helps stores to make market-friendly decisions.

  • Global Backup & High concurrency support

Dozens of high-performance cloud servers offer 24-hour dual backup and high concurrency support

  • 7*12 hours global after-sales service

Fast service response from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  even on holidays.

  • Various Film Types

We offer mobile screen protector machines with various functions and back screen protectors with various patterns.

  • High quality

Screen protector cutting machines and films are of excellent quality and have been strictly certified by Huawei, Samsung and other world-known brands.

FAQs about Screen Protector Cutting Machine

  • Is rock space screen protector cutting machine easy to operate?

    Yes, screen protector cutting machines are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. rock space smart screen protector cutting machine comes with operation display, while the Bluetooth screen protector requires extra APP to control the machine.

  • What are the advantages of rock space cutting machine compared with other brands?

    There are at least 3 advantages.Firstly, rock space screen cutter can works seamlessly with Phone Skin Printer to allow user to customize an exclusive back film with original clarity. Secondly, rock space's powerful backstage systems offers valuable insights for distributors to achieve better operation performances. Thirdly, rock space offers 7x12 hours technical supports to ensure every machine is working properly.

  • What's the material of screen protector?

    The material of screen protector is TPU. The TPU material was early used in the helicopter to protect its propeller. TPU features light weight, high light transmittance, self-repairing and impact resistance.

  • How many models can the protective film cutting machine cut?

    There are over 30,000 templates in our database and the number continues to grow. New flagship models will be updated within 24 hours. By using the hydrogel film cutting machine, you are able to create screen protectors for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other kinds of devices.

  • Can the screen protector cutting machine cut tempered glass screen protector?

    No, it can't. The cutter can cut TPU,PET or PVC material. rock space new arrival UV Glass-like film can be cut into any size with the screen protector cutting machine and then become 6H hardness protector after UV curing, which offers tempered glass screen protector hand-feel.

rock space Screen Protector Cutting Machine Series

Film Plotter Machine

Machine Cut Screen Protector

Machine For Phone Screen Protector

ModelZC1 Max Smart PlotterZC3 Smart PlotterZC3-B Bluetooth Plotter
ConnectionWiFi connectionWiFi & Blutooth connectionBlutooth connection
Touch screen×
Cutting record
Applicable deviceslaptops,tablets, mobile phones, watches, electronic cigarettes, phones, watches, electronic cigarettes, phones, watches, electronic cigarettes, etc.
Max cutting width280mm195mm195mm
Net weight7.1kg5.5kg5.2kg

Screen Protector Cutting Machine

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