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rock space Flexible Film Introduction

Mar 28-2023

rock space flexible film adopts new flexible TPU material and contains various types. 

TPU material was early used in the helicopter to protect its propeller and also used in the high-end racing car to ensure the integrity of the car body after collision. At the beginning of the 21st century, TPU starts to be used as paint protection film for high-end vehicles. Due to its strong toughness and hardness, corrosion resistance and hydrophobic performance, it can auto-repair scratches and prevent flying debris if any accident occurs.  

Used as screen protector, TPU material features light weight, high light transmittance, self-repairing and impact resistance. It has strong adhesion which can cover the whole screen without warping edge. Small residual bubble can automatically disappear within 24 hours.

screen protector cutting machine

Compared with tempered glass film, rock space flexible film can be cut into any size to fit different devices like mobile phone, tablet, laptop, watch, game console, etc. It is easy to adsorb, and can cover the screen with different curvature. With middle auxiliary strip design, it is also easy to install even for beginners. rock space flexible film provides user with great experience with high light transmittance, sensitive touch and comfortable grip. And what’s more, it enables to auto-repair the tiny scratches in short time to make your phone always look new. 

rock space flexible films have a lots of advantages as below:

  • Wide Compatibility

    We offer films with different options to meet customer’s requirements. It is compatible with laptop, tablets, phone, watch, camera, etc.

  • Various Options

       Front Film: High definition Film, Anti-blue Light Eye Care Film,  

       Matte Film,  Privacy Film, etc.

       Back Film: Carbon Fiber Film, Aurora Film, Splendid Film,                    

       BlingBling Film, Leather-like Film, Metal-like Film, Translucent  

       Embossing Film, etc.

  • High-quality Material 

      Super tough and flexible material is scratch & wear resistant. It is 

      easy to  install and remove. 

  • Copyrighted Patterns

       Copyrighted popular patterns are chosen for back films.

  • Reliable Quality

       It has passed various quality tests, proving satisfactory 

       user experience.

  • 25,000+ Models

       There are 25,000+ templates in our database and the   

       film can be cut into any size to meet customers' needs. 

rock space Flexible Film Introduction

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Room 501, 5/F, Building B2, Creative City Phase 2, Xiandong Road, Xili Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen